January 04, 2013

Fulkopir posto


1.Cauliflower 1/2 cut into small pieces
2.Potato 1 medium cut into small pieces
3.Green chili 4
4.Poppy seed 1/2 cup
5.Turmeric pwd 1/2 tsp
6.Salt as per taste
7.Mustard oil 4 tbsp


Make a fine paste of poppy seed & 4 chilis and keep aside.Now take a wok and heat mustard oil.Add cauliflower pieces and some salt and fry till light brown.Now add the potatoes and fry again.After 5 mins add turmeric ,salt & poppy seed paste and fry again.Add 1 cup of water ,cover the wok with a lid and simmer the stove.After 10-15mins open the cover and check if the vegetables are cooked or not.If the vegetables are cooked enough higher the stove and fry till all water evaporates out.Now fulkopir posto is ready and serve it with steamed rice & any dal.

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