January 12, 2013

Maggi noodle (kids' favorite)


1.Maggi noodles 2 packet.
2.Vegetables as such carrot,beans,potato,onion,bell pepper,peas,spring onion chopped 1 cup
3.Maggi tastemaker 2 packet
4.Vegetable oil for stir frying
5.Salt  & pepper to taste


1>Boil maggi noodle with some salt and little oil and stain the noodle and keep aside.
2>Take a pan and heat some oil and add chopped vegetables and fry them.
3>Now add maggi taste maker and stir fry for a while and add boiled noodles and mix them with vegetables very well.
4>Maggi noodle is ready to serve.
5>Season noodle with salt and pepper and serve hot.

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