December 20, 2012

Chicken biryani kolkata style


1.Chicken 1kg with bone cleaned and washed
2.Biryani masala ( I preffer Everest masala)
3.Brown onion or birista 2 cups
4.Ginger garlic paste 2tbsp
5.plain yogurt 1 cup
6.Grated khowa or mawa 1 cup
7.Potato big 2 halved and half cooked
8.Turmeric pwd 1/2 tsp
9.Red chili pwd 1/2 tsp
10.Basmati rice 2 cups soaked for 30 minutes
11.Rose water & kewra water each 1 tbsp
12.Mitha atar 2 drops
13.Pinch of saffron soaked in warm milk for 2-3 hrs
14.White oil 5 tbsp
15.Ghee 1/2 cup
16.Boiled egg 4
17.Whole garam masala(2 bay leaves,2 big cardamoms,4 small cardamoms,4 cloves,10 black peppercorns)
18.Garam masala pwd 1 tbsp
19.Atta dough


Marinate chicken pieces with yogurt ,ginger garlic paste,turmeric pwd,red chili pwd,4 tbsp of biryani masala & salt and keep aside for 1 hr.Now heat oil in a deep pan and add the marinated chicken to it and cook for 10 minutes.Cover the pan with a lid and simmer the stove for 15 minutes.Open the lid and higher the stove and dry all the water and add birista .Fry till oil separates from masala.Boil 6 cups of water in a pan with some salt & oil.When the water satrts boiling add the whole garam masala & soaked rice.Do not soak rice more than 30mins.When the rice is half cooked strain the water and keep aside.Now take a big pan and grease the pan with some ghee and put 1 cup half cooked rice in the bottom and put some ghee & some garam masala on it.Now add some chicken pieces on rice and add some grated khowa or mawa on chicken and again put some rice on the chicken.Repeat this process for 2-3 layers and on top of rice add kesar milk, rose & kewra water,garam masala pwd & some birista & khowa & halved eggs.Now close the pan with atta.Now take a flat pan and put some water on it and put the pan on the stove & place the biryani pan on the flat pan & simmer the stove for 30 minutes.After 30 minutes open the lid and serve hot with raita.

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