December 12, 2012

Dhonepata die Murgi


1.Chicken 1lb cut into pieces
2.Onion + ginger + garlic paste 1 cup
3.10 kaju + Coriander leaves 1cup & green chili 2-3 paste.
4.Turmericpwd 1/2 tsp
5.Coriander pwd 1tsp
6.Whole garam masala (1 bay leaf,2 green cardamom,1" stick cinnamon,2-3 cloves)
7.Ghee 1 tsp
8.White oil 3tbsp.
9.Beaten yogurt 1/2cup
10.Salt as per taste


First wash the chicken and marinat it with yogurt for 1/2 hr. Heat oil & ghee together in a non-stick wok.Add whole garam masala & fry them for 30 sec.Now add onion+ginger+garlic paste & salt and saute till oil separates.Now add kaju+coriander+chili paste & turmeric,coriander pwd and fry again.Now add the marinated chicken and fry for 15mins.Add little water and cover it with a lid and simmer the stove to low.After 30mins open it and now it's ready to serve.Before serving you may use some fresh cream on it and serve with roti or naan.

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