December 28, 2012

Indian style creamy chicken sandwich


1.Boneless chicken boiled & grind 1 cup
2.Whipping cream 1/2 cup
3.Mayonnaise 1/2 cup(you can use olive oil mayonnaise)
4.Freshly grind black pepper 1tsp
5.Chopped iceberg lettuce 1/2 cup
6.Chopped spring onion 1/2 cup
7.Sandwich bread 6-8 slices (white/brown)
8.Butter or margarine


Take a bowl and combine fresh cream & mayonnaise together.Add boiled grind chicken and mix it well.Now add black pepper,chopped lettuce,spring onion and mix very well.Cut the edges of breads and apply the butter all over the slices.Now place 2 slices of bread and spread the chicken mixture over the slices and then cover with another buttered slice of bread.Cut diagonaly into 2 pieces and serve with ketchup.

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