December 17, 2012

Palak daal


1.Butter 1tbsp
2.Spinach leaves 2 cups chopped
3.Curry leaves 1 spring
4.Garlic 1tsp
5.Whole cumin 1tsp
6.Whole mustard seeds 1tsp
7.Green chili 4
8.Pinch of hing
9.Onion 1chopped
10.2 large tomatoes chopped
11.Turmeric pwd 1tsp
12.Palak 1 bunch
13.Whole red chili 2
14.Toor daal 1 cup soaked for 30minutes
15.Salt as per taste
16.White oil


Boil daal and keep aside.Heat oil add red chilli whole , mustard and cumin seeds, add sliced garlic and onions and fry till the onion become soft.Add turmeric,hing,curry leaves ,chopped chilli and cook for 2 min.Add tomatoes and cook till they are half cooked.Add spinach ,butter and cook for 2 min add daal ( daal which has been cooked well and mashy).Add salt and finish when froth dissolves

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